What are my options for rainwater storage?

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you are what you drink

When pure-drinking water is priority, roof material selection becomes important for Rainwater Catchment Design. This pre-painted corrugated roof is all but 10 years old. Any toxic properties within the paint have now become water soluble. A stainless steel roof system is an excellent alternative. However, pricing may prevent this as a viable option in many cases. Navigating resistance from council for un-painted roof materials is also a factor that may surface. Research so far seems to indicate that un-painted zincalume (the identical base material used for pre-painted roof sheets such as this) would still contaminate the water supply with heavy metals; such as lead. I am yet to discover a water filter that removes heavy metals, maintains pump flow rates, and remains affordable. There are many single tap under-bench, or over-bench filtration assemblies, which may suffice for treating drinking water only, as a compromise to whole-house purification.