Review by Jenny Rigos

We have had Christopher do work for us over a number of years. We have always wanted to find a plumber who was environmentally aware, so when we decided to have a drip-line irrigation system installed in our vegetable garden, we contacted Christopher. It turned out to be the best thing we could have done. His knowledge of drip irrigation, water flows and timing devices was invaluable. We worked together with him installing the system, and he was a pleasure to work with.

We have now had the system running throughout a whole summer, and the vegetable garden has flourished as never before. Previously we watered it using overhead sprinklers or hand held hoses, which was inefficient and time consuming. Now, when you pull aside the mulch, the earth is evenly moist and teaming with worms. The quantity of vegetables has doubled, and their taste has improved dramatically. The berries and sweetcorn in particular are unbelievable.

The automatic timing system which Christopher installed is divided into two separate zones in the vegetable garden, making it more efficient. The system operates on a 12-volt battery which needs to be replaced only once a year. This has freed us up immensely, and makes going away much easier.

Following the success with the vegetable garden, we approached Christopher about installing a grey water system for us. At a time of global warming and the need for water conservation, we have been concerned about how much water we wasted with showering, kitchen water, and laundry. We like to lead a sustainable lifestyle with a low carbon footprint where possible. Christopher installed an efficient and simply designed grey water system made in Western Australia, which distributes water into a number of separate zones throughout our garden. Because every garden is unique, each grey water system needs to be tailored according to each garden’s needs. Christopher rose to the challenge with relish, and has fine-tuned it to perfection. We are no longer as concerned with water wastage, as whatever we use is going into watering the garden.

We highly recommend Christopher as a Green Plumber, who is not only conscientious, knowledgeable, and excellent at his job, but is also friendly and a pleasure to work with.
You always get the sense with Christopher that for him, it is never just a job; he is putting his heart and soul into his work. He is devoted to playing his part in helping the world move towards a new paradigm of sustainability, where we all care for nature and for each other, and see each other as One.

Jenny Rigos
Kallista, VIC